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Looking for reliable Structural Engineers, Planners and contractors, who can plab, design and build you dream project? You’re in the right place.
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We give effective plans centered to designers, planners, temporary workers and property holders to satisfy their prerequisites and desires.
At SAI Developers, Structural Engineer & Contractor, we deliver elegant, economical designs in all areas of structural engineering; from rear extensions, loft conversions to structural survey reports and internal alterations. We are a medium size family based firm and continuously growing with our expertise and specialist service maintaining design and planning that satisfy client’s requirements of today and offer flexibility for tomorrow.


Understanding the changing requirements of people and the need for innovation, for people from every segment.

Planning Application Service
At the point when you’re searching for top-quality development work and dependable and reliable contractual workers to manufacture your fantasy venture.
Structural Engineering And Building Regulation Service​
SAI Developers Limited offer structural calculations for projects that involve structural remodeling, extensions, loft conversions and new build
Complete Structural Refurbishment
If you are looking for complete internal and external structural refurbishment to create more space into your existing house, convert your house to your dream home
Loft Conversion
Expanding your space could be the ideal arrangement on the off chance that you have to add an additional space to your home, and a back house expansion.
New Builds
You have an extra land parcel, run-down property and are hoping to assemble a home without any preparation with our firm. We will design and inform you from the beginning concerning the undertaking and plan your new home.
At the point when you’re searching for top-quality development work and dependable and reliable contractual workers to manufacture your fantasy venture, SAI Developers Limited is here to help.

What our client says

I wanted to do a loft conversion and 2 storey side extension but I was so stressed by thinking of dealing with an architect, engineer and contractor after my first experience when I did a single-storey rear extension. I came across SAI Developers and after meeting with them for the first time, I felt so confident and comfortable and appointed SAI Developers to deal with my project from getting planning permission to construction. The best part to appoint a SAI Developer is you only deal with one person throughout your project from getting planning permission, building control submission to construction. I am pleased that with their professional expertise and the way their team manages the project and always available for us whenever we need their expertise. They have managed to get me more space in my loft and rear extension at first-floor level and rearrange my whole house to high standard elegance looking home. The construction process with SAI has always been very pleasant and peaceful and no annoyed or angry neighbours. No extra hidden cost and their after-sale service is an added additional benefit. I always recommend SAI Developer if you want to complete your project without any stress and extra added cost at a later stage.

Sukhdev Bal


What our client says

I have been in touch with SAI Developers for carrying out structural engineering service for building regulation submission for my project of the new development of bungalow in Hatfield.  I am very pleased with the service, honest advice and opinion received from SAI’s qualified and professional team. I also hired SAI Developers to carry out the construction of my project and had a very pleasant experience in dealing with them throughout the whole construction process. I always received honest and cost-effective advice, no hidden extras are in their work and the best part is SAI’s team always believe in putting quality and customer satisfaction as a first priority over the profit of their own. Really pleased with the end product of the project which was completed  1 week before the agreed date. Thank you SAI Developers for completing my work at a high standard, on agreed time and budget.

Dr. Aashish


What our client says

I appointed SAI Developers to assist me and get planning permission for my complete house refurbishment with a rear and side two-storey extension. I am very pleased with the professional service with realistic and practical advice I always received from their professional team. SAI’s team was always available to listen to our plans, requirements and always guide us as and when we needed with their professional and practical expertise. We achieved our planning permission in the first submission and also structural engineering design for building control submission was done in such an economic and competitive way. SAI’s team has always supported us during the construction process and dealt with all the queries raised by my contractor or building control officer. The best part of appointing SAI Developers is the honest, competitive, cost-effective advice by a professional and the main part is always available as and when you need to discuss something or need a professional opinion.

Amit Banthiya